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BTB STICKY BEAST Atlas Stone Tacky

BTB STICKY BEAST Atlas Stone Tacky

SKU: Tacky 00001

BTB Sticky Beast Atlas Stone Tacky 


At BTB Sleeves we have come up with this Sticky Beast Atlas stone Tacky 


Its a Good Starting point when it comes to training stones! Simply apply to the whole area of your BTB Sleeves and hands are you set to conquer even the mightest of stones, 


Temprature GUIDE:


Summer: 13 degrees C and up 

Autumn: 12 Degrees down to around 6 Degrees

Winter: 5 Degrees and below 


Only a rough idea as can be affected by other variables but a good rule of thumb. Any questions feel free to ask.  


Strongman or strongwomen stone are guaranteed to be lifted. 

  • Notice

    Do Not use if allergic to PINE 

PriceFrom £17.99
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