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The Battle for Mercia 


Is Back for its third Year. Unique traditional tests of strength with the stunning back drop of Bishton Hall Rugeley 

This Years Events 

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Full Weights and catorgies are on the event sign up page 


This year their will be Mens and womens opens And mens Inters on 10th August and Mens and womens Novice on Sunday the 11th 

History Of Mercia 

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Winners 2023

Mens Novice:                                       1st  Max Whiting                               2nd Lewis Bradley                         3rd Dan Little

Mens Opens:                                       1st  Adam Johnstone                       2nd John Gibb                     

 3rd Jordan Courtier 

Mens Inters:                                     1st  Theo Proferes                     2nd Sam Austin                     

 3rd Ryan Bloor

Womens Inters:                                   1st  Amy Proferes                                        


Womens Novice:                                 1st Gillian Denton 

2nd Milfred the red 

3rd Valentina Almeida-Baldwin                            


Mercia Records:


Gallos Deadlift

2023 Ryan Bloor Inters Men 177kg 18” 19 reps

2023 John Gibb Opens Men 183kg 18” 14 Reps

2023 Max Whiting Mens Novice 166kg 6” 15 Reps  

2023 Valentina Almeida-Baldwin Womens novice 107kg 6” 14 Reps


Matthew Stones

2023 Full Weight 15m Inters men Sam Austin 9.8m

2023 Full weight 20m Opens men John Gibb 11.58m

2023 Women Weight 15m  Amy Proferes 8.3m

2023 100kg/65kg Mens Novice 15m Max whiting 53seconds completed

2023 Womens weight 15m Lucy Hardwick 67 seconds completed


 Atlas stone loading

2023 Mens inters Theo Proferes all 5 stones in 55.52  Seconds

2023 Mens Opens Adam Johnston 4 stones in 48.44 Seconds

2023 Mens Novice Dan Little all 5 stones in 49.0 seconds

2023 Womens Novice Gillian Denton all 5 in  54.3 seconds

2023 Womens inters Amy Proferes 4 stones in 44.34 seconds

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