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BTB Hybrid Hide Sleeves

BTB Hybrid Hide Sleeves

BTB Hybrid Hide  Sleeves 


BTB atlas stone sleeves, These awsome looking sleeves are a hybrid design between hide and split leather.


Whats the difference i hear you ask! well Hide is a much softer supple cut of leater so it is way more flexible and moulds around the arm easier than our original sleeves. But has a split leather insert down the centre forearm section. The idea is that it gives the sleeve a strong centre section to prevent bunching of the leather. 


you can also choose to add a logo (9.99 seperate listing)


Avaliable in a choice of coloured leather to produce an awesome teo tone design. avaliable in a  combo of, Red, Green (Kawasaki green), Deep Purple, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Brown, Metallic looking grey, Black, and Yellow.


if you have any inspirational ideas you may have Get in touch to discuss them. we love the custom stuff 


Still the same bespoke handmade atlas stone sleeves to suit your tailored measurements. With Velcro strap system to ensure that you achieve and maintain a tight secure fit throughout your stone session without the need to constantly re adjust like other brands. You won’t be disappointed! PLEASE NOTE: Production time is around 2-3 weeks on Average but expect delays if we are exceptional busy. But please contact us before ordering If you need them for a specific date.


If your unsure of how to measure please see our size guide page or get in touch.


NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some hide leather may loose their coloured surfsce finished on rough stones. 

  • Tech SPEC

    Our sleeves are made from high quality motorcyle leather grade hide  leather, this cut is softer and more supple which moulds to your arm easier than our original sleeves . offer a perfect surface for Tacky. Each leather sleeve is lined with Heavy duty 1000 denier polyester canvas to prevent leather stretching and better skin contact. The straps are made from strong light weight 50mm/40mm wide polypropylene webbing backed with hook and loop tape. Each strap is looped back on its self through a  New Cast steel buckle, the sleeves are handed so that you can pull the strap away from the body to enable you to achieve a good tight secure fit.

    Apply the tacky and your good to hit those stones.

    NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some hide leather may loose their coloured surfsce finished on rough stones. 


    We Pride Ourselves on our customer service and we are happy to help resolve any issues that you may have, Please contact us with your concerns. And we will be happy to help

    At BTB sleeves we want happy customers!

  • Production

    All our sleeves are bespoke hand made to your measurments, Because of this it takes on average 2-3 weeks to complete and ship (then shipping time). If you need them for a compertition or before a certain date we wll try our best to meet your rerquired deadlne. 

Colour Strap 1
Colour Strap 2
Colour Strap 3
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