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Battle for Mercia 3 11th Aug Novice

Battle for Mercia 3 11th Aug Novice

BTB Battle for Mercia Comp Saturday 10th inters and opens


Who will be crownd KING/Queen! of the Stones Inters strong peoples.


Entry £50


Entry fee is NON REFUNDABLE!


5 Traditional and unique stone based events


Some Stone weights are APPROX TBC as Natural stones being used 


Event 1: Natural Stone Carry Max distance  Stone to be picked up from a small Keg. then carried around a circle of barrels, circle split into quartes. completed quarters counted. max distance in 60 seconds. time starts when you cross the start line. 


Men Novice, 116 kg

Womens Novice, 70 Approx 


Event 2:  Natural Stone press Duo.  So two stones to be pressed, reps on heavier stone beat any reps on the lighter stone.  max reps in 90 seconds 


Mens Novice, 60kg and 70kg approx  

Women Novice  30kg and 40kg approx 


Event 3:  The Matthews Stones. 2 Natural stones. attached together via an 8 ft chain. moved individually to complete the 15m course (90 seconds Limit)  Opens mens 20m


Mens Novice, 100kg and 65kg 

Women Novice  65kg and 50kg 


Event 4:  Natural stone throw, can be thrown overhead. pushed from chest or puttted.  athlete must not cross the line or throw will be disallowed, 3 throws each combined total wins. round robin style system 


Mens Novice, 20kg  

Women Novice  10kg


Final Event: 5 Natural stone load to be carried and loaded. in decednding weight/Distance so lightest stone will be 10m, 8m 6m 4m final stone a straight load. 90 seconds time limit 


Mens Novice: 60kg - 120 kg 

Women Novice  30kg- 90kg 


Enrty includes Comp T shirt Trophies for the top 3 Places. 25 spaces avaliable in each cat for the saturday.  Price for the best dressed Athletes  VIKKKKKKKKKING!!!!!


will also run a masters sub cat for anyone over 40 years old  


The event will be run at Bishton hall as part of their Battle for Mercia festival, going to be a full weekend of family fun,


A full working viking village

Viking Battle reenactment

Viking clans

Celtic Clans

Long bow demenstrations

Axe throwing

Food Court


Mercia Whisky company

Arts and craft stalls

and loads more a proper family packed day through the ages

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