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Beast Grip Liquid Chalk

Beast Grip Liquid Chalk

When you need to perform at your best you can trust Besat Grip Liquid Chalk. Now with new Anti-Sepertion formula no more need to shake for 3 days before use. 


We Provide you unrivalled gripping power! Unlike many other on the market. Our liquid chalk is made from the highesr quality EU certified ingredients all sourced within the EU and Uk you can be sure of amazing quality Every Time !


Fast Drying 



  • Instructions

    Simply apply a small ammount to the area you would like covered with gripping chalk and rub evenly over this area. Allow to air dry for around 30 seconds (you Can speed this up by blowing on the area. You will now have the perfect layer of gripping chalk.

    Always use a small ammount first and see if there is any adverse reaction. then discontinue use immediatly and seek medical advice 

    Clean are with soapy water after use 

    Do not taste or swallow keep out of reach of children 

    Made in the UK

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