At BTB 90% of what we do is all made in house by me and my Wife. We aim to offer quality handmade Strong man and strong women gear. 

All our Sleeves are bespoke and unique to your custom design. We are proud of What we do and that we are helping to support strength athletes of all ability's 

and ages, without costing a fortune. Making money is important but its also about growing the sport we love.  

We recently made a pair for our youngest stone lifter Mason who is 9 yrs old and seriously strong!

All our sleeves follow the same process. 5 step process


The process is lean and effective. now we have it down to a fine art to ensure every sleeve is equal in quality. We offer many sleeve customisation options to allow you to add a personal touch to your sleeves.  

If you have something different in mind please contact us we would be happy to try and help.


 Me and my Wife also compete at novice length strongman/strongwomen 

The Video above shows us the two types of webbing being combined, that we use in all our lifting Straps this allows them to be flexible and strong. 


Jason Knight

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Intermediate Strongman, Photo of him smashing the reps out on the 120kg stone in the final event, And taking the overall Win! 



Its about the Athletes

What we do at BTB Sleeves

The strongman and women sport is becoming more and more popular and growing each year. At BTB sleeves its about helping out fellow strong people in their journeys to their goals. From beginners to world class athletes, 

We want to offer good quality, affordable sleeves. Complete with a first class customer service 

We Want Happy Stone lifters. 


Rhianon Lovelace of Kaos Strength 

BTB Sponsored Athlete CODE:RHI10 

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Rhianon is a world class athlete!


On the 6th of June 2020 Rhianon set a new Light Weight World Record at 142kg  and upping the bar on the british record at the same time. And narrowly missed loading a 151kg stone. I'm sure she will be back to put the straight in the future i have no doubt about it.